We have a Son, Daniel

Author: Daisy16
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Livy's first conversation with Abby after giving birth to Daniel.

It had been three days since Livy had given birth to Daniel, three days since Livy realized that Ray loved and accepted her no matter what her past held, three days since she confessed her love for her husband. Livy decided to call Abby and tell her she was now a mother. As she nursed Daniel she pondered what she would say to Abby.

Abby never helped her take care of their mother, nor did their father. Livy was hurt, but had no choice. She knew that society called for her to leave her schooling, she was single, while Abby was the married one. Abby had a home and husband to care for. Last time Abby was here she tried to get Livy to come home and lie about Ray's treatment of her. Livy knew that Abby could spread rumors about Ray, and portray Livy as a battered wife. She could not do that to Ray. At that time, she cared for Ray but could not see herself as his wife, especially in the intimate sense.

Now she was eager to tell Abby how things have changed, how she and Ray loved one another and Daniel was their son. Livy had never known any man to be as kind and good-hearted as Ray. Most men would not accept a wife who had given herself to a stranger, let alone accepts a child that they did not father. Her own father certainly would have never done that. She was certain that Kent would not have either, no matter how much Abby praises him. It made sense to Livy why she had difficulty accepting Ray's love, she had never known a man like Ray before.

Daniel finished nursing and Livy put him down for a nap, Ray just left to work in the fields. Martha and Ruth wouldn't be here for another hour. She decided this was the perfect opportunity to call her sister, she pulled a chair up to the phone.

After a few rings, Abby picked up the phone. "Hello"

"Abby, it's Livy, we have a son, Daniel."

Abby was silent for a moment, not sure what to say. She was overjoyed that she was an aunt, but those words, we have a son? Did she mean her and Ray? Last time she was there Livy was not in love with Ray, but obliged to stay on that farm. How could Livy stay with him, she had so many dreams to pursue, how could she stay on that farm?

"Congratulations, but what about Edward? What about your education, your future? I thought you were going to come home to have the baby?"

"Abby this is my home now. I have fallen in love with Ray, and he loves me, he is my future. I didn't think it would turn out like this, but it has. I've never been happier." Livy then went on to tell Abby all that had happened since she was here last. Livy told Abby about Ray's attempts to win her heart, Edward's letter, Ray profession of love, the ring, the night Daniel was born.

Abby took in all of Livy's word. As Livy spoke she thought about her visit to the farm. The farm was nothing like their home in Denver. It was a run down house, with no neighbors in sight. How could father expect Livy to live like this? Sure Livy made a mistake, but how much punishment would she have to endure to have her father's love and acceptance back. When she saw Ray for the first time, she was expecting him to be an older man. He wasn't old, but he was definitely a simple farmer, how could he provide a good life for her sister, let alone a baby. What kind of life could he offer Livy? All she could think about, was trying to explain to her friends how her sister, a budding archaeologist, is now a simple farmer's wife? It was just too embarrassing!

As Livy continued talking Abby realized she hadn't heard Livy sound this happy in so long. Abby knew Livy was lonely ever since she had to leave school to take care of mother. Since Livy was unmarried it made sense for her to put her education on hold. Abby was married and had her own house and husband to take care of. How could anyone expect Abby to help? Besides she had certain social obligations to fulfill.
Now Livy is married, happily married, as it seems, and a mother.

"You sound very content, I am happy for you." I am happy for all of you." I can't believe you had the baby already. I can't wait to see my nephew. Are you alright, has a doctor checked on you?"

"Ray's sister Martha and Dr. McCutcheon both came over to help with the delivery. It was amazing giving birth to our son in the same house in which his father was born. Martha and Dr. McCutcheon showed me how to nurse Daniel and take care of him." Livy continued, "Martha and her daughter Ruth have been coming over to help, they should be here soon."

Abby couldn't help but become a little jealous. "Sounds like you've got all the help you need."

Livy responded, "Martha has three children of her own, she's a pro at motherhood. I'm thankful that I have her and Ruth to help me. But, I still wish you were here." Livy continued, "Oh Abby, he is so beautiful, I can't wait for you to meet him. Please tell father that he has a grandson."

"Father will be so happy to here about Daniel." At least that's what Abby hoped, but she didn't want to hurt Livy's feelings. "I'll try to get there as soon as I can, with Kent still at war it's pretty lonely here. I just might stay for a few days to give you a hand."

Before Livy could respond, Ruth and Martha were at the door. "Abby, I have to go, Ruth and Martha are here. I'll call you soon."

"Give my nephew a kiss for me. Tell Ray I said congratulations."

"I will, thanks. Talk to you soon, bye."

"Bye." When Abby hung up she began to feel emotional. She was happy that Livy was a new mother and found love in a marriage of convenience, but jealous of her relationship with Martha. It seemed that Livy was now the one with a home, a husband, and a family, while she sat in an empty house waiting for her husband to return home. It just didn’t seem fair to Abby.

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